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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A taste of Truly Indian Cuisine at Saffron & Spice Powai

Saffron & Spice
Cuisine- Indian
Location : Powai, Hirananadani, next to Pizza Hut

This is probably one of few restaurants in Mumbai which qualifies itself to be called an Indian restaurant, coz it serves dishes from different Indian cuisines eg Mangalorean, Maharashrtrian etc. Apart from Indian it also has a decent choice of continental food ranging from pasta to sizzlers and sandwiches

Ambience- The restaurant has a very classy minimalist ambience, French windows with drapping curtains, spacious seating and minimalist décor with few Indian artifacts on display and very good lighting. It also has a very interesting open lift which gets you to the restaurant.
Food: There is a good choice of food, the menu is also created in an interesting manner. Soups and Shwaramas (from Rs 65- 80) are a good way to start the meal. The veg and Nonveg soups are quite good if you’re looking for something light. Indian starters platter offer all the Indian starters ranging from the Paneer Tikka, Kabbabs one made out of channa and the other with roti is quite good (Rs 350).The portion size is also good. Vegetables are good and so is the choice of the rotis, the appam and vegetable stew south Indian (Rs 275) makes a good meal. However the veg sizzler at Rs 250 was very disappointing with hardly any vegetables and filled with cutlets and very little noodles. The veg pasta with red sauce was all right.

Although we didn’t try any of cocktails or mocktails they seem to have a good choice, they also have a lounge bar next door

Service- The service is friendly and quick

My recommendation – Good place to go if you have a group of friends or family who have diverse food interests. It makes it an ideal place to celebrate with family and friends or for a quiet romantic meal.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The Brown Bread story

I was introduced to the healthy brown bread when I was probably 8 or 9 years old and I would accompany my grandfather to the Taj cake shop as a part of his evening walk to buy brown bread. I didn’t know what this brown bread was all about and why he insisted on eating only that variety of bread, but all I knew that Taj was the only shop you could purchase brown bread .As I grew up I learnt that the reason grandpa insisted on eating that kind of bread was that he was trying to loose weight and pursue a healthy eating lifestyle. Over the years I too inherited this quality of eating brown bread from him. So I whenever I eat out, especially sandwiches I insist on having brown bread. Let me share with you some interesting experiences related to brown bread

Kailash Parbat- Lokhandwala
I look at the menu, not in a mood to eat any chaat so order for a brown bread grilled veg sandwich. Minutes later what appears on my table is a sandwich made out of white bread and grilled with tons of butter or ghee turning it brown.
When I ask the waiter why he is served me white bread.
He replies “Madam yeh brown bread hi hai na, dekhiye brown colour he to hai”.( Mam look at the colour of the bread, its brown, brown bread)

Ginger Marie, Lokhandwala
I never expected a brown bread mishap to happen here atleast. Some really good sandwiches in offer at this eatery. I order for a Italian panni and enquire if they have brown bread in it. They do have brown bread in panni, am excited an await my sandwich.
Two big disappointments, firstly what arrives is not a panni but a veg grilled sandwich with exotic vegetables but in white bread
When I ask the waiter, his answer is “this is brown bread we make here”. Not an answer I would expect from a cozy and nice eatout like Ginger marie. Although the sandwich was really good

Jumbo Vada pav- This is something I was really impressed by. Jumbo vada pav give you vada pav in brown bread.
But how many of these so called brown breads are brown

Lets read some gyan on brown bread to find out

Being brown doesn't make bread necessary whole wheat or whole grain! Some brown bread indeed is added with brown coloring. You may find it listed on the label usually as "caramel coloring"!!! In addition, the term "multi-grain" bread, "rye" bread, "5 grain" or "7 grain" bread also doesn't mean that they always use whole grain in their formulation. In United States and Canada, only bread labeled with "whole wheat" truly uses whole wheat flour in their processing. Other "wheat bread" may simply use a combination of white refined flour and whole wheat flour. The key word to look for is "whole"!!
What are lost when whole grains are refined when making whole grain bread?
Whole grains contain fiber, antioxidants such as Vitamin E and selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. When whole grains are refined, all of the above are completely or partially removed. Among the above, more than 50% of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pentothenic Acid), Vitamin 6, Folate and Vitamin E are lost during the milling process. In addition, whole grains also contain lignans, phenolic acids, phytoestrogens, and other phytochemicals may help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
By law, the flour manufacturers must fortify white flour with Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate and Iron to replenish the loss during the refining process.
Click here to find out the functions of the above vitamins: Vitamin Guide
The Amazing Fiber
One of the beneficial nutrient fiber is removed in the refining process and hence can be found in abundance in whole wheat bread but not white bread. Fiber not only promotes health, it also help reduce the risk for some chronic diseases. For instance, fiber prevents constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. Fiber is also linked to prevent some cancers especially colon and breast cancer. In addition, fiber may help lower the LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) and the total cholesterol therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, fiber can help lower blood sugar therefore help better manage diabetes. Last but not least, fiber may help keep you trim as it contains 0 calories and often keeps you feeling full.
If you have any brown bread experiences do write in

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Restaurant Reviews

  1. I just realized that I have visited more than 150 restaurants in Mumbai. Just listed it down. Although will not be able to write a review of all of them immediately. But if any of you would want a view on going to any of these places feel free to write to me on

    Thai Ban, Bandra
    Lemmon Grass, Bandra
    Roti, Bandra
    Pot Pouri, Bandra
    Zenzy, Bandra
    Soulfry, Bandra
    Golden Orchid, Bandra
    Just round the corner, Bandra
    Café Seaside, Bandstand Bandra
    Hershey bakery, Bandra
    Balaji, Hill road, Bandra
    Stomach, Bandra
    Zailka, Bandra
    Saibaan, Bandra
    Dhanraj, Bandra
    Siddharth, Bandra
    Navrang refreshments, Bandra
    Hot Breads( name has changed) next to independence café, Hill rd, Bandra
    Nairs kitchen(Bandra east, opp MIG club)
    Mocha Bandra
    Mocha, Juhu
    Mocha, Churchgate
    Mocha, Mulund
    Subway sandwich, Bandra
    Bombay Blues, Bandra
    Bombay Blues, Andheri
    Bombay Blues, Fort
    Bombay Blues, Phoenix
    Five spice, Santacruz
    Yoko sizzlers, Santacruz
    Mondegar, Colaba
    Leopolds, Colaba
    Tavern, Colaba
    Café Bascillico, opp Radio club, Colaba
    Koyla, Colaba
    Sheesa, Bandra
    Starlit café, above strand hotel, Colaba
    Fountain Inn, fort
    Ideal corner, parsi food
    Trishna, Fort
    Café Churchill, Colaba
    Canon pavbhaji, VT
    Zafran, VT
    Howrah bridge, VT
    Prithvi café, Juhu
    Bhagat tarachand, Cotton green
    Crystal, chowpatty
    Newyorker, Chowpatty
    Newyorker Juhu
    Cream center, Chowpatty
    Cream center, Mulund
    Delhi Darbar, Churchgate
    Jazz by the bay, Marine drive
    Bay view, Marine Plaza, Marine drive
    Status, Narimant point
    Moshe, Cuffe parade
    Konkan café, Taj President
    Indigo Deli, Apollo bunder
    Shivsagar, chowpatty
    Khicdi samrat, CP tank
    Café Samovar, Jahangir art gallery
    Cha bar, Churchgate
    Satkar, Churchagate
    Tea center, Churchgate
    Shivsagar, Chowpatty
    Satyam( not sure of the name) next to indian merchant chambers
    Oh Calcutta, Grantroad
    Haji Ali juice center, Mahalaxmi
    Viva Paschim, Worli
    Goa Portuguese, Mahim
    Culture Curry, Mahim
    Vie lounge, Juhu
    Little Italy, Juhu
    Alfredos, Juhu
    Woodlands, Juhu
    Lotus Café, JW Marriot, Juhu
    Bombay Baking company, JW Marriot, Juhu
    Crepe Station, Cater road, Bandra
    Trafalger chowk, Bandra
    Gajalee, Vileparle
    Saltwater grill, chowpatty
    Kamats, Fort
    Vithal bhel, Fort
    Spirits and more, Fort
    Maroush, Phoenix
    Brew Bar, Phoenix
    Noodle Bar, Phoenix
    Ruby Tuesday, Inorbit
    TGIFs, Fort
    Shiv Sagar, Juhu
    Chocolate lounge, Bandra
    Thai Lotus, Inorbit
    Rasoi, Malad
    MKOP, Malad
    Sun, moon & potato, Malad
    Pop Tates, Malad
    Galaxy of Stars, Malad
    Moracco, Club link Goregaon
    China garden, Kemps corner ( when it existed)
    China place( next to Pop tates,Malad)
    Ginger Marie, Andheri Lokhandwala
    Poshe, Kashmiri food, Andheri Lokhandwala
    Myst, Andheri Lokhandwala
    Cuppa, Andheri, Lokhandwala
    Landmark, Malad
    Ramashrya, Matunga
    Mysore Café, Matunga
    Manis, Matunga
    Don Giovani, Juhu
    Kamats, fort
    Badshah, Fort
    Maddu Mess, Powai
    Barista, Colaba
    Barista, next to Regal
    Barista, linking rd, Bandra
    Barista, Bandstand
    Barista, Versova
    Barista, Inorbit
    Barista, Prithvi, Juhu
    Barista, near Juhu beach
    Barista, Shivaji Park
    Café dey, Pritam hotel, dadar east
    Café dey, Carter road
    Café dey, ambedkar road
    Café Dey, santacruz, next to podar
    Café, Dey, Nirmal, Mulund
    Café Dey, Inorbit
    Café Dey, Malad
    Pizza Hut Juhu
    Pizza Hut, Inorbit
    Maroush, Phoenix
    Kailash Parbat, Andheri
    Kailash Parbat, Bandra
    Elco Pani puri, Bandra
    Karachi pani puri, Bandra
    Pani puri, near Kalaniketan, Juhu
    Time & Again, Andheri
    Rolling tummy, Versova
    Cuban sizzlers, Versova
    Masala Bay, Taj lands end
    Suchi Sagar, Borivali
    Rajmahal, Borivali
    Southern treat, Borivali
    Vista , Taj Lands end
    Coffe shop, Rennisance
    Kalinga, Andheri
    Bhagwati pav bhaji, Kandivali
    Linkway, Borivali
    Mc Donalds, Borivali, Bandra ,Colaba
    Geetanjali, Chinese, Parle
    Paratha street, Juhu beach
    Sea view, Juhu beach
    Golden star, charni road
    Rajdhani, Inorbit
    Papa Pancho, Bandra


Indigo Deli, Apollo Bunder

Opened a couple of months back, right opp Tendulkars next to Regal cinema in Churchagte this swanky new eatery is sure to promise you a New York style dinning experience. It said to be a casual version of the posh Indigo located at Colaba.
Ambience- I quite like their ambience with a cellar of wine bottles, an antique wall clock and some very casual seating with benches and chairs it sure reminds me of few of the swanky restaurants I had been too in Manhattan
Food – From peanut butter jelly sandwiches to beef burgers to some exotic pizzas, sandwiches, soups and pasta this place has it all along with a good collection of wine. But their bakery items are damn good. But Indigo Deli is not a place you can afford to go every day, the prizes range from 200 upwards for starters to 300 and above for main course and glass of wine for 300 upwards.
Service- I must tell u the first time I visited Indigo Deli almost a month after they opened me and my friends spend three hours to have dinner- 8:30- 11:30p.m literally, we were really put off by the service but the food made up to it. But on my last visit I was impressed with the service which was quick
Why would I go there- Reminds me of being in New York, along with good food and some good cocktails and wine

Morraco, Club Link Goregaon, next to Toyota showroom

This mororoccan styled new restaurant opened in December has become one of my favorite joints in my area offering an array of dishes in different cuisines from Lebanese, Indian, Italian and Mexican
Ambience- As the name suggests the ambience is neatly done up in a morracon theme with small tents housed with gaddas and cushions and a very neat bar. The property is huge offering an airconditioned and outdoor seating
Food- Food is good, although some of their Lebanese items may not be too authentic. But the Indian food, sarson da sag and roti rocks so does the nonveg
Drinks- beer, hard liquor cocktails, however terrible choice of wine
Why would you go there_-Great ambience, good value for money with good food. This place is open all from 7am to 2a.m

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Magic of Food

My father always said that cooking is an art and not just a mechanical process of mixing a couple of ingredients together. You can have two people cooking the same dish with the same ingredients but both the dishes will taste different, coz its your own vibes that goes into that food as a secret ingredient. When a mother cooks for her child, the love for her child enters in it like a secret ingredient thus making in special. If your passionate about your food and passionate about the people you are cooking for, trust me the food will turnout good no matter what ingredients you may put or miss. There is another interesting thing about food, if you are one of those who love treating people to food, never in your life will you ever be short of food, although you maybe short of money.(Annapurna as they say). This is not a myth but a reality I have can across in many cases.